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Kovach Metal Smith



The pieces I create come to me in one of two ways: One, I see an object, a piece of scrap metal usually, or metal intended for something else, and I think of what it could become. Or two, I have an idea of something I want to create and I see a metal object that would fit the bill. Whichever way, once I start on the project the piece itself determines the direction to a degree.


The entire piece is not created from 100% found objects. I hand fabricate many parts for the pieces like copper leaves. And I have to purchase some materials like the round dished parts for fountains and fire pits.

The primary materials I use are regular steel, stainless steel, and copper mostly. My pieces are intended for the outdoors but could be displayed indoors as well. If displayed outdoors you must realize that they will change patina over time. I spend a lot of time in the process of creating these pieces considering colors and how to achieve them including how they will patina.

Everything I make I make with my hands, my mind, my heart and hand tools and therefore they are all custom and different. If you are interested in a piece, you see here on this site, I would love to work with you on a similar design but you must realize that it will be unique and not exactly the same. Please allow me artistic license and I know we will both love what we turn out.  

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